BPM Professional Certificate Program

Business Process Management Professional Certificate Program | Fall 2018

The business world is migrating from an intuitive management focus into a business process focus. Organizations are increasingly aware that well-defined processes are key ingredients for a responsive and agile enterprise.

Please join us in Winnipeg for the BPTrends Associates Business Process Management Professional Certificate Program. This Program establishes a consistent, integrated and scalable BPM Methodology, including a common language, tools and techniques.

The BP Trends Associates Business Process Management Professional Certificate Program is aligned with the International Association of Business Analysis (IIBA®) Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®V2.0) and is endorsed by the IIBA. Attendees will earn 40 Professional Development (PDs) or Continuing Development Units (CDU’s) for attending the entire certificate program or 8 PDU’s for attending the Principles Class only.

The BPTA Business Process Management Methodology is based on the practical experience and research of the BPTrends Associates founders and partners including Sandra Foster, managing partner at Capstone Ridge Group. Sandra will deliver this certificate program with a focus on process change projects and providing attendees with the skills they will need to execute process redesign.

Day 1
BPTA 101- Principles of Business Process Management

Details: http://www.bptrendsassociates.com/training/business-process-management-professional-certificate/#bpta101

This course is the foundation for all courses in the Business Process Management Curriculum and is required for BPM certification. It provides an overview and discussion of the principles, concepts and techniques required to transform your business from a traditional, functional organization to a process-centric organization. The course introduces a systematic approach and comprehensive methodology for planning, monitoring, measuring and managing your company’s business process performance and for redesigning and improving specific processes.

What you will learn
  • The key considerations of a process-based approach to business process change management
  • The strategic, tactical and operational considerations in a comprehensive BPM framework
  • How to plan for cross-organization acceptance and implementation

Day 2 - 5
BPTA 102-Introduction to Business Process Modelling, Analysis, and Design (4 days)

Details: http://www.bptrendsassociates.com/training/business-process-management-professional-certificate/#bpta102

This course provides an introduction to the skills and techniques required to analyze and design new processes or to redesign and improve existing processes. This course focuses on identifying opportunities for process change and presents the process analysis, modeling and design techniques and tools required to improve performance. Participants will learn to scope specific processes using graphical models to document results. And, they will learn how to define measurement techniques for evaluating outcomes. They will also learn how to model As-Is and To-Be process workflows using BPMN notation. The course is organized around a universally applicable case study that will be developed by attendees working in teams. The approach is hands-on and business oriented and attendees will be able to immediately apply what they learn within their own organization.

What you will learn
  • How to appropriately analyze and scope a business process problem
  • How to create BPMN process flow diagrams
  • How to select and apply the proper tools and techniques to model, analyze, manage, measure and improve processes
  • How to apply creative thinking approaches and design techniques to process improvement
  • How to develop critical measures for evaluating business process performance
  • How to develop and apply testing, and validating methods to new process designs

Why you should attend this training program:

1. Learn Proven, Result-oriented Techniques in a Hands-on, Engaging Way

By attending this training program, you will learn a proven method that is being used around the world by thousands of practitioners delivering tangible improvements in process performance. The course provides an overview and discussion of business process management principles, concepts and techniques. Your instructor will introduce a systematic approach and methodology for scoping, modeling, analyzing, measuring and designing processes. You will learn through case studies, real world examples and role plays, making this course interactive and fun.

2. Get Practical Solutions to Your Real-world Problems

The program provides instruction and practical training in gathering information from individuals and groups based on the use of information gathering worksheets, diagrams and models. You will walk away with an analysis and design tool kit that you can start using immediately. As well, role plays help build your soft skills in conducting interviews and group facilitation sessions.

3. Become a BPTrends BPM Professional

As a certified Business Process Management (BPM) Professional you will become part of a world-wide group of professionals that are working to effectively engage stakeholders in analyzing, designing and implementing more efficient, effective, agile business processes. If you want to be part of the transition to e-services, e-government and e-business transactions, this training program is a must for you.

For more information, please contact us at (204) 691-0405 or info@capstoneridge.com